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Not sure what to do?

I am talking wealth and investing, but honestly, this applies to life as well. It is about knowing yourself and who you are or who you want to be.

Life does not show up in a straight line that keeps moving higher. We aren't happy or the time, but if we find we are unhappy more than usual, we need to see if an adjustment is needed.

The same is true for wealth and investing. If you occasionally look at what the stock market is doing. I am referring to the S&P 500 Index. Depending on what you focus on, you might be happy or unhappy. This year through September 20, our stock market rose over 16%. That is tremendous growth in our S&P 500 stock market. But if you look at a different period, say this month, you see that the market is down over 4%. It is possible you might not feel so happy. Is there a need for a course correction of your strategy, or are you ok?

Well, that depends. I wrote that we aren't always happy that life doesn't always move up in a straight line. We may not need a course correction. However, knowing who you are or want to be and what you are willing to risk to get there.

Let me wrap this up for you. Don't be fooled by watching another and thinking that would make you happy. Listen to yourself, and you will know when you are on the right path. How? Notice that when you are content and happy you usually aren’t looking at others but rather inside yourself. Start by getting quiet. Now for our market - well, what is your strategy? Can you bear the market risk that this market can and will present? If yes, then don't worry about it. Stay on course if you are still moving toward your true north. And no matter what, "...don't worry, be happy".

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