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Creating Financial Security In A Changing World

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Why use a financial advisor?

What is the purpose of a trusted advisor?  Have you had someone whose goal is to listen to what you want and need to feel financially secure?  A person who discusses your option, allows you to be heard and achieve success.  We live in uncertain times, it is crucial to have someone who takes the time to listen to you and ask important questions that light up your road.  This is how you achieve permanent success. 


To be financially sound and independent you need to learn

  • How to structure investments that offer protection during severe market falls. 

  • What does tax strategy mean, and how do I set this up?  

  • What about debt? Is all debt bad? What is good debt?  

  • Why should I consider a mortgage or a reverse mortgage?  How do I evaluate the pros and cons of each option? 

  • Why consider a lease versus a loan to buy a car?

  • Why is it important to have a good credit rating and how do I set this up?


These are only a few of the many areas where an exceptional financial manager can help you thrive. 

Navigating the Financial Stages of Life

Quick questions for prospective clients, schedule a short call.

I am in my 20's or 30's

Do you have an clear understanding of the best way to manage debt?

Common questions:

  • Best way to use my credit card

  • What is a credit score and how do I improve mine?

  • Best credit card for me

  • How do I make sense of my job benefits regarding health and wealth?

  • Do I need to invest in a retirement program?

  • If I invest in a retirement program, how much do I invest, how do I choose the best investment options in a plan

  • How do I begin to learn about money and build my financial foundation

I am in my 40's

Have you begun to build and monitor your net worth? Do you have a clear financial plan for your future?

  • Getting married, married, or possibly get a divorce?

  • Kids in the picture and planning for their future?

  • Do you own your home or are you wondering if you should buy a home?

  • Have you funded your company 401k and do you know how to invest?

  • Do you have a strategy in place to allow you to build your dream and retire comfortably?

I am in my 50's

Over the Hill

  • Have you adequately planned for retirement?

  • Do you know what the road ahead looks like?

  • Have you optimized your income and reduced your tax situation?

  • Is your debt correctly structured?

  • Are their steps to secure your financial future that you haven't explored?

  • Are you aware of all options when you collect social security or do you worry about social security not being around?

Late 60's to Retirement

Senior Living

  • Generational dynasty planning?

  • Teaching the younger ones how to manage their finances?

  • Is my estate in order?

  • Do I have an adequate plan as I age so I don't move in with the kids... yikes?

  • Estate planning review

  • Tax Review?


With over thirty years studying and working in this field I have found conflicting information everywhere.  One size does not fit all. You need a good financial advisor because it’s hard to know what questions to ask and what information to look for. This book will help answer those questions and more. Take the time to get educated on money and how to manage it well

Book Available on Amazon, Paperback & Kindle

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