It may surprise you - as it did me - to learn that people have fear around money.  We usually fear the unknown and no matter how wealthy we are the fear is the same as someone with more or less money. 

I started the idea of coffee with money to allow you to learn about your relationship with money.  I hope you will come on this journey with me.

In the eighties, after graduating with a degree in Economics from UCLA my journey teaching and working with people in and around money began.  I learnt that there are life stages around money, like passages.  I created a program, for you, no matter where you in life to learn how to dance with money.

Life Stages

Young Adults

  • Recently college graduate
  • Do you have an clear understanding of the best way to manage debt
    • Credit Card debt 
      • how best to use my credit card
      • what is a credit score and how do I improve mine
      • what is the best credit card for me
      • how to read the fine print
    • Student Loans
    • Car loans
  • Did you start your first job
    • How do I make sense of the benefits
    • Do I need to invest in a retirement program
    • If I invest in a retirement program, how much do I invest, how do I choose the best investment options in a plan
  • How do I begin to learn about money and build my financial foundation


  • Getting married, married or possibly get a divorce?
  • Kids in the picture and planning for their future?
  • Do you own your home or are you wondering if you should buy a home?
  • Have you funded your company 401k and do you know how to invest?
  • Have you begin to build and monitor your net worth?
  • Do you have a clear financial plan for your future?

 Over the Hill

  • Have you adequately planned for retirment?
  • Do you know what the road ahead looks like?
  • Have you optimized your income and reduced your tax situation?
  • Is your debt correctly structured?
  • Are their steps to secure you financial future that you haven't explored?
  • Are you aware of all options when you collect social security?

Senior Living

  • Generational dynasty planning?
  • Teaching the younger ones how to manage their finances?
  • Is my estate in order?
  • Do I have an adequate plan as I age so I don't move in with the kids... yikes?
  • Estate planning review
  • Tax Review?

Contact me to explore your options if you want just an hour of my time or if you want a more detailed financial plan structured.